• Artist Statement

    When the night comes, small flies gather around the light. They that go into the light cannot come out of it. Why do they go forward to the light? It might be a fantasy for them. I create illusion images simultaneously as I go forward to the fantasy, such as small flies gathering around a streetlamp. I mainly work with objects, moving images in installation and research the objects and images that support the society, nation, and the ideology, starting with small groups. They produce things such as badge, poster, reward, songs, .etc, to give a sense of belonging, value, meaning to people, and it seems that people are willing to participate and desire to be in the group. As I delve into how to visualize and use symbolic images to justify their rule and system, I discover the reality that the aura of an image disappeared, and it remains as the decorative element through the process of reproduction and editing images paradoxically.
    In my work, I peel off the aura of concept and abstract from the objects. The objects and images could represent a fragment of the real world themselves by dissolving and overlapping the images. Ultimately, I want to create a state in which 'ideas' have been erased, so it looks like rhythm, pattern, but without meaning and fantasy.