• Artist statement

    I am always interested in what makes our own ego what is the difference between an individual person and the group we are in. At this point, the boundary between others and me is vague to me. I like being alone but want to be involved in some society simultaneously. I think this is a kind of behavior for proving ourselves in this unstable world. We keep trying to prove ourselves by desiring something that is our fate. And images in digital media make what we think and who we are. They are too strong to simply deny. We don’t know where this thought and desire come from exactly because we are living in the world full of images. But we misunderstand that they are our own. ‘Images’ are complicated to interpret as they are shown even then they seem obvious.

    My work is about what people desire and who defines this world. Media makes what we think and define us. And I am interested to find the true story in them. That is my own desire I believe.