WORKS > Skip AD (2019)

Skip AD
Single-channel video, 00:16:57

Skip AD is the most common phrase I can see on the Internet. Advertisements force me to watch and distract my eyes when I read news and watch images and videos. I am allowed to connect to contents after watching an advertisement on YouTube. But could I get out of the AD pages by clicking ‘Skip AD’? The YouTube video I am watching can be one of the viral marketing made with profit from some companies in a capitalist society. What is true and false? If everyone wants to take the fake, the fake can be a substitute for an inconvenient truth? And why am I obsessed in finding the truth? This video faces made-up reply, statistics, fake news and wrong belief. This video constitutes the duality of the desire for searching true and skepticism about that kind of behavior with representative moving images in a non-narrative way.
*This work uses Symphony No. 1 “Hiroshima" by Mamoru Samuragochi who is a fake Beethoven by pretending totally deaf and employed a ghost for 18 years. When he requested ‘Hiroshima,’ he gave the ghost (Takashi Niigaki) four concept words such as ‘origin’, ‘revelation’, ‘ordeal’, and ‘chaos.’