WORKS > Swaying border, space, and objects.(2020)

Swaying border, space, and objects.

Swaying border(2020)
Single-channel video, Video projection, (00;02;23)

Swaying space(2020), 5 Pigment prints
#1, Pigment print, 594x841mm,
#2, Pigment print, 297x508mm,
#3, Pigment print, 420x297mm,
#4, Pigment print, 508x601mm,
#5, Pigment print, 420x594mm.

Swaying border(2020)
Ikea manual prints, Size is variable.

People are taught according to the structure and system created by society. The system defines and categorizes objects and phenomena to create a safe society. Learning individual freedom and expression within rules supports post-capitalism. This system that we firmly believe in might be an insubstantial promise and a measured boundary for classification. The Covid-19 crisis is shaking society. Clear ideologies, objects, phenomena, regulations, and meanings of freedom became obscure, and individual activities were monitored and restricted. I question the stability of the individualized liberal subject and the precarious system. We cannot escape the structure of society by merely breaking the laws created by society. If so, is it possible for the individual to proceed to a situation outside of the exception, and is it an unstable, dangerous, and precarious place as we believe, or is it a utopia capable of realizing a liberal subject?