2021 > Number Guessing Game, 숫자 맞추기

숫자 맞추기, 2021, 2016-2018년 동안 매주 당첨되지 않은 복권종이, 금박, 가변설치
Number Guessing Game, 2021, lottery tickets from 2016-2018, Gold leaf, Size is variable.

From 2016 to 2018, he faithfully bought lottery tickets every week for nearly two years. He chose the numbers carefully and imagined what it would be like if he won the game, even thinking about the tax issue. It was as if he was enjoying the lottery game like that could change reality during the boring period at that time. Although these lottery tickets did not win, they were gathered in one place without being thrown away for some reasons.
As time passed by, the clear numbers on the tickets gradually disappeared as if to prove their ineffectiveness. These lottery papers vividly remember the dreams we talked about, and the times we spent. These values, only known to us, are now coated with gold leaf sheets and show opposite material values.