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Milk Song
video installation

People live with the fantasy of milk.
What I have known milk is from the cow in the farm since when I was young.
The generous cow is happy to give milk to us in a children’s song. Cow play and eat on the grass on the TV.
The media hide the way to think about the real condition of dairy farming.
The cow must give birth to produce milk like a human.
They are forcibly impregnated and keep in a constant cycle of pregnancy, birth, and lactation.
We drink milk which was generated for calves. Milk overflow in this world; this is related to the government policy in the past. How they consume this milk? The government makes school and welfare group consume milk.
I had to drink a pack of milk in elementary school every day.
I was scolded from the teacher for not drinking milk.
What is milk for?
While I ask this contradictory problem, the media keeps making the fantasy about milk and use the image of a cow as sexual.