WORKS > Welcome to Fabulous Desire World.(2018)

Welcome to Fabulous Desire World
Video installation.

“Our desires are not our own,
they are the Other’s -Jacques Lacan”

Do you know your desire?
are you sure it is your own desire?
I can not deny that our desire comes from others’ desire
and is controlled by digital media in modern society.
And we hardly ever get out of this fantasy world
composed of images from media.
I am struggling to handle it.
Everyone can create and edit “facts”
using images on the internet.
Now I don’t know what is real in numerous images.
I keep surfing from image to image.
They are so powerful for me and complicated to interpret.
Even if they seem obvious I have to question what they show.
My works are about exploring these complications.
And I am interested to find the true story in them.
That is my own desire, I believe.